Thank you once again for choosing to book your holiday rental Villa with Family Villa Rentals, we wish you a fabulous stay!

We have prepared this information to provide a useful reference during your stay and also to remind you of some important House Rules, please read on to the bottom for these.

Drinking water, we recommend that you use bottled water for drinking. Tap water is safe for cooking.


Most of the local shops and businesses operate traditional Spanish opening hours. As a general guide they will normally be closed between around 13:00 and 17:00. They are normally open in the evenings until around 20:00 (the hours may be extended slightly in high season).


TRES CALAS, CALAFAT & SANT JORDI - The EUROSPAR in Tres Calas is open Monday to Saturday all day without a break in the middle of the day, they are also open reduced hours on Sunday. There is also a corner store in Calafat located close to the Tennis Courts. 

L’AMETLLA de MAR - There is a large supermarket called Mercadona which is conveniently located on the outskirts of L’Ametlla de Mar, this supermarket is open all day Monday to Saturday from 09:15-20:30 (approx.), they do open on some Sunday in July and August. There are also a couple of supermarkets in L’Ametlla that are open on Sunday mornings until approx. 1.30pm.   The largest one is the SPAR, which is situated on the far side of the grassed area opposite the train station as you enter the village. The smaller SPAR supermarket is located just off the main square – Placa de Catalunya.  The local market is held on Mondays and Thursdays.

EL PERELLO - Saturday is a lovely morning in El Perello when they have the local Market with a few clothes stalls and a lovely atmosphere, but you’ll have to be quick, they start packing up by 13h.

The Spar supermarket in Perello is open all day. But everything is closed on Sunday. L’Ampolla is the nearest supermarket open for you on Sunday only 5 minutes away by car.

L’AMPOLLA – There is a large Spar Supermarket open 7 days a week in high-season. It is located close to Playa Avellenas, a beautiful beach with beach bar. There is a small outdoor market held every Wednesday morning.

The largest and most popular Market in the area is held in Hospitalet del Infant, this on every Sunday morning near the port.



TRES CALAS - There are a couple of tapas bars at the entrance to the estate and a popular restaurant called Bambalina situated on the main road approx. 600m past our office on the right hand side next to the childrens park and football/basket ball court. There is also Restaurant Esmeralda, which is located on the right hand side approx. 500m past the car park for Cala Forn Beach.


CALAFAT & ALMADRAVA - There are a couple Restaurants located on Almadrava beach and in the centre of the Calafat Estate near the Tennis Courts.


SANT JORDI – In the mountain section of Sant Jordi there is a Tapas Restaurant called La Tasca located on towards the top of the estate on the main road. Additionally there is a restaurant located on the Marina in Sant Jordi.

EL PERELLO – There are lots of Bars and Restaurants in El Perello the first one that you come to from Villa Afortunada (or entering the village from the north) is on your left after crossing the bridge after the Spar Supermarket is called Cal Xic, this is a traditional Spanish Tapas Bar, they also do good pizzas. Continuing into the town you will come to a good restaurant called Subirats on your left and a lovely bakery and café on the right called Caballes. Continuing down to the main junction before the town square if you turn left there, after approximately 200m you will find Ambigu, they don't do food, although they often have live music on Friday nights as does the other Bar with the Restaurant above on the left towards the school. If you continue on the main street to the square you will find a couple more Tapas restaurants.

L’AMETLLA de MAR and L’AMPOLLA – Both villages offer both authentic Catalan and Spanish food and International dishes, the restaurants located along the harbours are the most popular.



Should the police stop you while driving in Spain they will ask to see photo id. There are very hefty fines if you cannot produce your photo id and insurance documents, so make sure you have them with you at all times.

Exiting and entering Tres Calas from the N340: This is a very busy road.

You are NOT permitted to cross the N340, so make sure you use the bridges or roundabouts. The police consider crossing the N340 as a very serious reckless driving offence and there are severe penalties.

Be careful driving around the towns and villages and estates of Tres Calas, Sant Jordi and Calafat. Please make sure you stop and look at all of the cross roads.



Things work differently here. Rubbish is not collected from individual properties, it is collected from the large recycling bins dotted around the estate. To avoid ants etc, please ensure that you take your rubbish to these bins on a daily basis during your stay. Please also ensure all rubbish is disposed of when the cleaners come on your last day. 



Cars are not obligated to stop at Zebra Crossings. Be very careful when crossing the road, a Zebra crossing is merely a recommended area to try and cross the road. Always wait for a gap and make sure the driver has stopped before crossing.



In the unlikely event that you experience any problems during your stay please contact us on following number in office hours: 00 34 607 416 324, Or in case of an EMERGENCY 00 34 661 985 333.

Please do not contact us by SMS or WhatsAPP because we have too many telephones to monitor with different languages to manage and therefore often miss messages.




Whilst we hope you won’t need this information, we feel it is always better to have it to hand for peace of mind.


All emergencies (ambulance, police and fire) dial 112 (there are English speaking staff)



L’AMETLLA DE MAR - The Medical Centre in L´Ametlla de Mar is available for 24 hour basic emergency treatment.

To get to L’Ametlla from Las Tres Calas/Almadrava/Sant Jordi take the N340 in the direction in the direction of Castelleon/Valencia

After approx. 2kms take the exit sign posted L’Ametlla de Mar

Follow the signs to L’Ametlla de Mar - straight on at the 2 roundabouts and the mini-roundabout

Follow the road over the railway bridge into L’Ametlla (past the Train Station on your left)

Follow the road around to the right (past the Spar supermarket on your left, in the direction of the sea)

Take the 3rd turning on your left (past a car park on the right)

Check right before crossing the small crossroads and the Medical centre in on your right.

EL PERELLO - The Medical Centre in El Perello just after the SPAR supermarket over the the bridge on the left hand side. Called CAP de Salut. If you are staying at Villa Afortunada This centre is available for basic emergency treatment. When this is closed you can use the 24hour service at the medical centre in L’Ametlla.  

To get to L’Ametlla from El Perello take the N340 in the direction in the direction of Tarragona/Barcelona

After approx. 6kms take the exit sign posted L’Ametlla de Mar

Follow the signs to L’Ametlla de Mar - straight on at the 2 roundabouts and the mini-roundabout

Follow the road over the railway bridge into L’Ametlla (past the Train Station on your left)

Follow the road around to the right (past the Spar supermarket on your left, in the direction of the sea)

Take the 3rd turning on your left (past a car park on the right)

Check right before crossing the small crossroads and the Medical centre in on your right.



PHARMACIES – with English speaking staff

TRES CALAS - opposite our office,

L’AMETLLA DE MAR - on Calle Joanet, L’Ametlla,

To get to L’Ametlla take the N340 from Las Tres Calas in the direction of Castelleon/Valencia

After approx. 2kms take the exit sign posted L’Ametlla de Mar

Follow the signs to L’Ametlla de Mar (straight on at the 2 roundabouts)

Turn right before the railway bridge at the mini-roundabout

Follow the road to the T-junction passing the Mercado (Market) on your left

Turn right at the T-junction

Turn left onto the tree lined street (opposite the school)

The Pharmacy is on the left hand side.

El PERELLO – on the main street

There is an English speaking Pharmacist in the Pharmacy in El Perello which is located on the main street on the right hand side, heading into town from VILLA AFORTUNADA / the North.  



There is an English speaking doctor located in the resort town of Miami Playa, his surgery hours are normally mornings 09:30 to 13:00. Call to make an appointment on 00 34 977 810 779.  



The train station in L´Ametlla is located on the left hand side just after the bridge when you enter the village. The service is good value and usually runs on schedule. There is a regular service to the Universal Studios Portaventura adventure theme park, Salou, Cambrils, Tarragona and Barcelona.



Telephoning the UK from Spain

Country code for the UK is: 00 44

Then omit the 1st Zero 0 from the number e.g. 01254 123 456 would be dialled as follows:

00 44 1254 123 456.




Whilst we want you to have an extremely enjoyable holiday, we also have a duty of care to the villa owners to ensure their villa is returned to them in the same condition as we received it. We have the same requirements of you.

For your information, the full booking conditions which you have agreed to in making your rental payment are detailed in the email confirmation we sent you when we confirmed your booking.


Please remember you must report any damages breakages or losses to us immediately.


Window shutters, please take care when opening and closing the window shutters. The shutters are delicate, so be very careful not to pull out too much cord or they are likely to slam closed or shoot up to the top. We are charged 50Euros per repair which we would unfortunately have to pass on to you if any of the shutters need to be repaired during or at the end of your stay, so please take care.


Security, Please exercise caution and ensure that windows and shutters are closed and secure and doors are locked each time you leave the villa. We would also encourage you not to leave large quantities of cash and valuables in the villa.


Swimming pool, please ensure that all inflatable and toys are removed from the pool when not in use.   If they are left in the pool they can interfere with the pool filtering system which causes serious problems and may lead to the pool having to be closed down during your stay. No glassware permitted in the pool area.


Slippery surfaces, Take care in and around the pool and in and around the villa on the tiles.


Air conditioning/heating, to ensure the air conditioning/heating units function well throughout your stay please ensure that the windows and doors are closed while the units are in use. And please do not set the air-conditioning at less than 21 degrees. Please also switch the units off when you are not inside the villa. Help the environment and the conservation of the machines.


Toilets, the villa has a septic tank, so to avoid any nasty blockages during your stay please ensure that no sanitary items, tampons, cotton wool, baby wipes, nappies etc. are put down the toilet. The plumbing system is only built to deal with toilet paper.


Strict non-smoking policy in the villa, it is totally prohibited to smoke inside the villa, anyone found to be smoking in the villa will be asked to leave the villa immediately.


Parasols/sun blinds, these are also your responsibility during your stay, so please ensure sun blinds are closed, parasols are closed and lying on the floor at night, when you are away from the villa and/or it is windy.


Caution with doors locking behind you, to ensure you are not locked out of your villa if someone accidentally slams the door shut, please ensure you keep the keys with you at all times. And most importantly do not leave the keys in the back of the door. A call-out fee of 50Euros is charged for coming to let you back into the villa. However, if you have left the keys in the back of the door, we will not be able to open the door with our keys from the other side and we will have no alternative other than to call a 24-hour locksmith for you, which can cost up to 350Euros if they have to change the lock. So please be careful and avoid these charges.


Cleaning and Laundry Services, your rental price includes the villa cleaning and laundry service at the end of your stay. If you would like additional cleaning services, please contact the office to arrange this. To avoid extra charges please also ensure that all rubbish is removed from the villa before your departure.